Premium Three-Layer Breathable Masks With Filter Layer

These machine-washable masks are made to order with:

* High quality, breathable cotton outers
* Luxurious high-thread-count lining that doubles as filter pocket 
* Sewn-in polypropylene layer that acts as a filter
* Adjustable elastic head straps that can be converted to ear loops
* Three sizes available


I'm selling these masks to RAISE FUNDS FOR TEXAS TEACHERS, STUDENTS, AND SCHOOL STAFF MEMBERS IN NEED. When you chose to add a donation, those proceeds go towards the creation of masks for group donations as well as monetary donations to Austin Food Bank, Doctors Without Borders, and other organizations helping those in need.


Thank you for your support!

Warning: This product is not certified to protect against pathogens, bacteria or viruses. These masks can be used with a medically certified filtration product such as PM2.5 for additional protection. It is recommended that they are changed and laundered after every use.

SF Giants - Ready to Ship

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