The designs for our products are constantly being tested and improved upon, from fit to filtering to finish.


Our team draws upon our experience as professional tailors and pattern makers to create the perfect fit. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every face.


Sarah is constantly researching the market to stay abreast of the latest updates on which materials offer the safest and most reliable filtering solutions. Our three-layer masks are lined with the most effective product on the market, and we offer anti-microbial treatments to keep your masks fresh.



Our talented stitchers provide the finest detail in stitching your masks. The center seams are topstitched to lay flat and the linings are understitched so they won't roll.



We rely on customer feedback to create an optimal product. Please let us know how we're doing!




Our three-layer masks are made with premium cotton fabrics and interlined with Filti, a non-woven polypropylene fiber that has tested to be the premier filtering material on the market. They feature a removable nose wire, convertible straps, and a luxe cotton sateen lining for a soft, comfortable fit.

Our window masks are the only product on the market that boast a permanent anti-fog coating.

No matter how many times you wash and wear your mask, it will never fog over.


Our t-shirts are printed on demand and shipped to you through a third-party business. All designs are created and copyrighted by Sarah. Specialty shirts and onesies are hand-pressed in her Austin studio.


Our team of tailors, artisans, and designers work to create unique, handmade products. We employ professionals from the theatre, film, and fashion industries to bring top-quality products to you.